BuildOn Haiti

Teens from Garfield High School in Seattle, WA, organized a project with the local chapter of the nonprofit BuildOn, to build a new school for a community of villagers in the Les Cayes region, an area just outside of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The nonprofit BuildOn organizes volunteers to build schools with villages that have historically had no adequate school structure – where students are squeezed into dark and crumbling mud huts, or are taught under trees when the weather permits, or have to walk multiple miles to a neighboring village, or can’t attend school at all.

The words of one of the project leaders, Isabella Muno, describe precisely what we hope our Mother House Fund seed grants will do in the world and inside the young audlt whom we are hoping to inspire:

"More than anything, this project served as a motivator for the future. Coming into this trip, we had no idea how much we would be impacted. Even now, months after it's over, everything we have learned fuels us to do more. It pushes us to stay hungry for equality and not let poverty be the defining factor worldwide. 

Although our project is "over", in the greater scheme of things, it is just beginning. For the Haitians impacted by this school, education and the opportunities generated by it are just beginning. In addition, if gender equality is maintained, a second school will be built in La Glace. For us, our project is just beginning as well. This is because our project extends beyond one school, we have discovered what can be accomplished from working with others towards a greater good and are dedicated to continuing down this path. Our Garfield High School chapter has already begun fundraising for the next year and the next school." Isabella Muno, project leader, BuildOn 2014.

 The team at The Mother House Fund chose to support this grant request because we believe their efforts, and the lessons they learned during their trek, will make a global and local difference for years to come.

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