Camp Korey

Located on a farm in Carnation, WA, Camp Korey’s therapeutic recreation programs provide opportunities for children to surpass the supposed limitations of their life-threatening and serious illnesses in a safe, friendly, and medically-sound environment.

The Mother House Fund has provided funding to help Camp Korey build their “Leaders in Training” (LIT) program involving former campers who have a desire to stay involved and give back. During the summer of 2012 they served 13 LITs who were all returning campers between the ages of 16-19. All of their LITs battle life-altering medial conditions and consider Camp Korey a place of refuge where they build confidence, make friends, gain educational opportunities, and are treated with respect. These young adults are committed to giving the next generation of campers life-changing camp experiences. These LITs did positively influence over 500 young campers who attended the summer programs.

Every day, LITs were introduced to new leadership skills and techniques for working with children at camp. They had the opportunity to lead activities, demonstrate the camp rules, compassionately support younger campers, and much more. Residential Life Coordinator, Trylla Tuttle, proudly observed, “I watched each and every LIT grow the week they were here. Each LIT’s growth looked different from another’s, but I watched all of them gain confidence in being a leader and helper, and learn how to put other’s needs first. “

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