Gayaza Book Project

Two Puget Sound area teens and cousins teamed up with the nonprofit Sister Schools to create a rich and inspiring library for Gayaza High School, an all girls boarding school in Uganda. While registering at an elementary school, one of the girl's mother saw signs about Sister Schools. Sister Schools teaches compassion, service and social responsibility by partnering students in Washington State schools with children in Ugandan schools and orphanages. The young girl and her mother discovered that Sister Schools was supporting schools in her mother's homeland. Her cousin recently spent a summer attending Gayaza High School in Uganda, where both teens' mothers attended school. While at Gayaza she saw a real need to expand and improve access to adequate and diverse books at the school library. When she came home she talked with her cousin, and decided to partner up to create their own project in 2013-2015; providing a wide range of reading material to the girls at Gayaza High School so they can have a brighter future through reading.

In their application, the girls requested a grant to cover the costs of the book shelves for the Gayaza High School library. The story of their connection to Uganda, as well as the compassion exhibited in their desire to bring a bounty of new books to the girls studying at Gayaza High School, caught the interest of team at The Mother House Fund. However, we wanted to do more than simply cover the costs of the book shelves. We asked the girls to connect with local librarians to create a rich and inspiring book list, including classics, books about Africa, the African-American experience, and with strong female protagonists. They successfully developed an outstanding reading list, and the books and bookshelves will soon be in the school library.


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