Youth Ultimate Project

The Youth Ultimate Project (YUP) was developed by a group of teens attending Puget Sound area High Schools, with the mission to invest in the community and leadership of Cambodian youth by providing a positive outlet through the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. These teens hosted their first free Ultimate Frisbee camp in Cambodia during the summer of 2011 for youth who were seeking an opportunity to stay active and healthy. With their combined experience in playing and coaching Ultimate Frisbee, they wanted to bring the spirit of the game to Phnom Penh. Through the game of Ultimate Frisbee, they wanted to share what the sport has given them: a true sense of belonging to a community that works together for a common passion.

The Mother House Fund Advisory Committee has been impressed, year-after-year, with the meaningful connection this group of Puget Sound area teens strives to create with the community of Phnom Penh. It is clear that they want to make a sincere difference in the lives of the youth they coach. Each year the YUP team is reaching for new heights, we were energized with their 2015-2016 plan to utilize their latest Mother House Fund grant to not only purchase supplies, equipment and food for campers, but also to jump start a new scholarship program for campers and a Youth Coaching Program. YUP has begun a Scholarship Program that provides school tuition for students in middle and high school who have attended their YUP camps and are committed to furthering their education. The Youth Coaching Program allows past campers to act as leaders and positive role models for youth in their community while attaining employment and developing cross-cultural communication, collaboration, and advanced Ultimate Frisbee skills.

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2012 YUP summer camp in Cambodia

A very happy camper during a Youth Ultimate Frisbee drill

A group of youth participants and coaches on one of the last days of camp

A YUP coach taking time to teach a camper how to properly throw a frisbee

YUP Camp organizers: Kilian Marsh, Julia Bladdin, Addy Borges,
Louis Cohen, and Chris Trinh, receiving a Mother House Fund grant
from fiscal sponsor, Cathy Michalec, of Teens in Public Service

2011 YUP coaching team on their first trip

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