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In 2018, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP) has a challenge grant opportunity from Murdock Trust stating that if they raise $79,000, Murdock trust will donate an additional $39,500 to NWIRP to support keeping families together. The Mother House Fund invites the community to join us in helping NWIRP raise the necessary funds to receive the matching challenge grant from Murdock Trust.

Between now and the end of July, every dollar donated through our website or network of friends, will be matched dollar for dollar up to $35,000. The Mother House Fund will issue one grant for the amount donated, including our match, so our collective contributions will enable us to provide NWIRP with one large grant to support the NWIRP "Keeping Families Together" program, and specifically their legal representation for mothers separated from their families and at risk of deportation. This is essentially a double-match opportunity as we join forces with Murdock Trust to support NWIRP.

Join Us! Please click here if you would like to join us in supporting Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (NWIRP) and their "Keeping Families Together" program. 

Over 200 asylum seekers, many of them mothers and fathers who have been separated from their children after crossing the southern border, are now being held at the Federal Detention Center (FDC), a federal prison in SeaTac, Washington. According to NWIRP's website, there is now a total of 206 asylum seekers here at the FDC, 174 women and 32 men. As of June 11th, there were an additional 1,400 asylum seekers who have been placed in federal correctional facilities throughout the United States (most of whom are in California, Oregon, Texas and Washington State.) This is of course on top of tens of thousands of people detained at immigration detention centers around the country each day.

NWIRP's Tacoma office reports that 10% of the detainees at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma are women. The Detention Center has about 1,375 detainees today, so approximately 137 women are currently detained at NWDC. According to the directing attorney of NWIRP's Tacoma office, the vast majority of these women are mothers.


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