The Mother House Fund supports thoughtful programs about how to better mother the earth, our country, our children and each other. We select timely issues and change our focus to respond to emergent needs that make a significant difference in the lives of mothers and children around the world.


In summer of 2018, we watched as Tahlequah carried her lifeless baby calf, Ti-Tahlequah, for 17 days as she mourned for all the world to see. This record-breaking emotional sojourn is THE STORY that we consider our call to action in 2019. We invite you and others who are interested to join us in supporting the Southern Resident Orca population struggling to survive in the Salish Sea and the Puget Sound.

Our first partnership of 2019 is with the Orca Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the whales of the Pacific Northwest, and the importance of providing them healthy and safe habitats. We are actively seeking partnerships with donors and organizations interested in increasing the capacity for local organizations working to support the Southern Resident Orca population. Please contact us if you or someone you know is interested.